If there is an Electro character that is the strongest and has tremendous big injury, the answer is unquestionably Ei orĀ  raiden shogun guide.

His identify is additionally Archon Electro, right~ Definitely the injury created is greater than all latest Electro people.

Though it’s predicted that you’ve got to employ Engulfing Lightning to be able to do major problems, you may basically use other weapons also!

There are numerous options of four-star weapons which you can use for Raiden Shogun.

But prior to we go into the weapon, let us get acquainted far more deeply with Eneng Raiden Shogun.

one. Raiden Shogun’s Skill and Passive

Raiden Shogun has one of a kind expertise, passives, and bursts. Actually, you can say his gameplay mechanic is definitely the initially in Genshin Impression!

a. Elemental Talent (Transcendence: Baleful Omen)
Raiden Shogun slashes enemies with Electro DMG and grants all get together customers Eye of Stormy Judgment.

People who definitely have the attention of Stormy Judgment buff will situation a coordinated attack each and every time they strike and get a reward Elemental Burst DMG based mostly around the Strength Cost from the Elemental Burst.

b. Elemental Competencies (Solution Artwork: Musou Shinsetsu)
Raiden Shogun will take out a sword and slashes enemies with Musou No Hitotachi which has AoE Electro DMG.

All Raiden Shogun attacks right away flip into Electro (Musou Isshin)

Desiderata Chakra: Every time a nearby celebration member utilizes Elemental Burst, Raiden Shogun will produce Solve Stacks dependent about the Vitality Value of every character and will be stacked as many as 60 for more injury.

c. 1st Ascension Passive (Wishes Unnumbered)**
When a close by party member gets Elemental Orbs or particles, Desiderata Chakra adds two Take care of Stacks each and every three seconds.

d. 4th Ascension Passive (Enlightened A person)
Each 1% Energy Recharge earlier mentioned 100% that Raiden Shogun has, will end in:

0.6% Strength a lot more than Musou Isshin (Slash on Burst)
0.4% Electro DMG Reward
e. Utility Passive (All-Preserver)
The expense utilized to ascend swords and spears is diminished by 50% Mora